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Shop our selection of spearfishing floatlines and floatline accessories. We carry floatlines in different lenths and colors depending on your hunting environment and spearfishing needs. Floatlines provide a link between your float and speargun. They allow you to safely shoot larger palegics and give you the safety margin to return to the surface without needing to drag a fighting fish with you. Floatlines also give you the convenience of marking your spot after you shoot a fish. Often time’s bottom fish like to dart into holes and caves, floatlines help mark the spot while you recover on the surface. Avoid lost spearguns and stay safe! I know alot of divers who use floatlines for shallow water beach dives as the floatline and float help make it easier for boaters to spot you on the surface. Forget about sharks, careless boaters can be the biggest threat on the water.

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